5 Ways to Bring Your Living Room Up to Date

5 Ways to Bring Your Living Room Up to Date

Our living rooms are where most of us spend the most time in our homes and we also tend to require them to be multifunctional to cope with the range of activities we enjoy doing within them. Whether it’s reading, watching TV, playing board games, having an afternoon snooze on the couch, or entertaining guests, they need to be ready for any action we throw their way.

Because they’re so central to how we live when we’re at home, it’s essential that they also look great and make us feel good when we’re in them. But because they’re where we while away the most hours, it can be an off putting idea to disrupt that downtime by giving them a makeover meaning many living rooms are outdated and a little tired. If yours could do with a quick modernization then check out these 5 ways to bring your living room up to date.

New Canvas Art

One of the most undemanding ways to freshen up your living room and put a contemporary slant on it is to introduce some new canvas art. Old fashioned and boring art can be extremely dating, and simply replacing it with some fresh new items can have revolutionary effects.

Bright colors, abstract pieces, or modern art are all great ways to brighten and liven up dull walls, and here at Artzee Designs we have a wide range of stunning compositions to choose from. All you have to do is select your favorite pieces, complete our quick and simple order process, and your new canvas art will be with you in a matter of days.

Contemporary Furniture

While there are no real rules around what constitutes contemporary furniture, simply by replacing the pieces in your living room that are old fashioned will work wonders. Go for stuff that is sleek, clean, and has modern lines, bold colors, and a focus on being casual and functional over purely decorative and ornate.

A Modern Light Fitting

If you have neglected to update your light fittings in your living room for what feels like decades then they’re probably washed out and virtually antiquated by now. By simply swapping your light fittings you can create a whole new ambience in your living room as they will distribute the light differently, instantly helping make it lighter or darker. Modern light fittings come in all shapes and sizes from minimalist lamps to eye catching chandeliers giving you a huge selection to choose from.

A Lick of Paint

A quick way to modernize any room is with a quick layer of paint, and it can work particularly well in the living room to cover up any tell tale 80s wallpaper or 60s shades of avocado. Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright, even if it’s just on a single feature wall.

Create a Gallery Wall

The way that people display art in their homes has changed rapidly over the past few decades. Whereas it used to be that it was simply hung at the same height on the surrounding walls, these days virtually anything goes. A gallery wall is one of the most striking modern ways to display art or photographs, and will provide a real focal point in any living room.


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5 Ways to Bring Your Living Room Up to Date