5 Ways to Bring Your Dining Room Up to Date

5 Ways to Bring Your Dining Room Up to Date

Whether you love to entertain but want a way to wow your guests without a full redecoration or you’re simply trying to put a bit of pizzazz into your family mealtimes, modernizing your dining room can be the perfect solution. Check out these 5 ways to bring your dining room up to date.

Refresh Your Table Decorations

Your dining room table is often the natural focal point of the room, but you don’t need to replace it to make it more modern. The accessories you include in your table decor can be the difference between a stylish space and a boring expanse. If yours are looking a little tired or dated then it’s time to give them a bit of a refresh. Try a modern table runner, some new candles and holders, and even some trendy new tableware for a modern flourish.

Light it Up

Your choice of lighting is one of the aspects that makes or breaks every room in your house, and the same goes for the living room. Natural light is ideal so try to let as much in as possible, but you can also modernize your fixtures and fittings to give them an up to date touch. A chandelier is the go to lighting choice for dining rooms and there are plenty of modern styles out there to drag your dining room into the 21st century.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to bounce light around a room and also to make it feel more spacious by creating the illusion of depth. Go for as large a mirror as will work in the space and place it opposite a window if possible to maximize the natural light by reflecting it throughout the room. No longer are you consigned to a choice of standard rectangular numbers, they come in all shapes and sizes and will help to give your space a contemporary touch.

Lay a Rug

If the flooring in your dining room has seen better days then don’t think the only solution is to completely replace it. Rugs are a much cheaper way of covering up tired flooring, and can also be used to simply add an new feel to your walkways. Modern rugs come in all sorts of designs, sizes, and styles, so rather than go for a standard shag, opt for something a little funky to really make what’s underfoot stand out.

Add Some Art

Art is one of the most transformative additions you can make to your dining room and will instantly dispel any stale aura your current decor may be creating. With Artzee Designs’ range of canvas art you can pick from a huge range of styles to fit the decor of any dining room from modern to abstract, and it doesn’t need to cost the world either.

It’s also fully customizable to your specifications, so if you want it to match a certain color scheme or to add your favorite quote to a piece all you have to do is let us know when you order and our team of designers will get to work.


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5 Ways to Bring Your Dining Room Up to Date