5 Ways to Add a Touch Of Celebrity Glamor to Your Home

You don’t need to own a Hollywood mansion with a swimming pool and helipad in order to be able to add some showbiz chic to your house. Just a few touches here and there could help to add that pizzazz that you’re looking for, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. If you want to introduce some VIP charm and feel like a superstar in your own abode, then check out these 5 ways to add a touch of celebrity glamor to your home.

Add a Piece of Celebrity Canvas Art

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable, and convenient way to lend your home that celebrity feel, then why not add a piece of celebrity canvas art to your decor? Here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a whole range to choose from that’s dedicated to celebrating the best of pop and celebrity. You’ll find everything from Beatles and Michael Jackson inspired prints to an entire series of unique Audrey Hepburn canvases. They all come in various sizes and you can completely customize them to suit your needs by changing details like colors and even adding text.

Recreate a Look From Your Favorite Movie

Film stars exude the ultimate in celebrity glamor, and a wonderful way to add a bit of this to your home decor is to recreate a look from your favorite movie. This doesn’t mean copying a room detail for detail but rather taking inspiration from the silver screen. This could be a color scheme, a retro nod to a previous decade, or simply some details that evoke the feel of a genre of movies that you love.

Go for Gold

Gold has been associated with riches and opuence for thousands of years, and nothing screams glamor quite like this precious metal. That doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes and risk straying into the realm of tacky with a gold overload, but a few well chosen accessories will lend you the look and feel you’re after. Think an oversized gold framed mirror as a focal piece for the living room, a gold lamp, or perhaps even a gold colored coffee table.

Invest in an Item of Indulgent Luxury

Celebrity glamour is inextricably linked with the idea of luxury. And while it may not be practical or affordable to kit your house out in extravagant purchases, it’s great to invest in a single item of pure, unadulterated self indulgence. A little splurge here and there is good for the soul, and can help turn an ordinary room into a palatial space. So if there’s a luxurious item that you’ve had your eye on for a while, then go ahead and get it.

Include Some Glamorous Textures

Some textures are forever associated with glamor, so include some of these in your home decor to give your home an affluent feel. Things like marble, natural wood, and even velvet will all do the trick and help make your home feel like a celebrity crib. 


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