5 Quotes Perfect for Your Home and Where to Put Them

5 Quotes Perfect for Your Home and Where to Put Them

Quotes can be inspirational, funny, life affirming, and when we find one that we really connect with, they truly resonate with us. Our inspirational range of canvas art here at Artzee Designs is the perfect way to pep up your spaces, and there’s a quote that’s right for every room in your house. So today we’re looking at 5 quotes perfect for your home and where to put them.

At Your Service Wall Kitchen Canvas Art

If you love nothing more than cooking up a storm in the the kitchen and creating wonderful dishes for family and friends to try, then your kitchen is going to be a place you love spending time in. If this rings true for you then get some canvas artwork to reflect that. Our “at your service” piece is a retro, tongue in cheek expression of your love of entertaining and will look fantastic on your kitchen wall.

Home Office - Dream Big Canvas Art

Your home office should be a place where you feel inspired. Somewhere that makes you feel creative, let your imagination run wild, and get ready to take on the world. Art in general is a superb way to get into work mode, but this awesome piece of canvas art is guaranteed to make you ready to face the day head on. The quote “dream big” will always remind you not to limit your ambitions and reach for the skies.

Hallway - Home Sweet Home Canvas Art

Are you a homebody who loves nothing more than getting back to your relaxing space after a hard day’s work? Then why not welcome yourself back with this beautiful home sweet home canvas art. Hang it in the hallway so it’s right in your eye line every time you cross the threshold and reminds you that you can leave the stresses and worries of the day at the front door.

Bedroom - Love Flower Modern Canvas Art

This modern, black and white, flower inspired canvas is the perfect piece of quote artwork for your bedroom. It’s classy, understated, and yet will make you feel a million dollars when you wake up to it each morning. There’s just something about the simplicity of the abstract flower and the one word proclamation that will brighten your mood and have you walking on air for the remainder of your day. Thanks to its monochrome color scheme it will work brilliantly in every bedroom no matter what the scheme.

Games Room - Star Wars Yoda Canvas Art

If you’ve got a games room, T.V. room, or space that you use to for your entertaining get togethers, then you want to fill it with fun artwork to reflect that. This Star Wars inspired Yoda canvas will add a sense of joy to proceedings with its pop art style and bright colors. If you’re a fan of the franchise then you can’t help but love this little fella, and his Jedi skills might just help you win that round of cards. May the force be with you.