5 Important Things Most Beginner Photographers Fail to Do

5 Important Things Most Beginner Photographers Fail to Do

Mastering photography takes years and years and plenty of practice. But there are a few classic mistakes that you can save yourself from making along the way.

Take Lots of Pictures

Taking as many photographs as possible is an essential step for a  beginner photographer. Take lots of pictures of lots of things, not just winning shots, but images of what may at first appear boring or inane.

Snapping all day will have you taking shots in a range of environments, of a variety of subjects, and with different challenges to overcome. You’ll gain more confidence and become familiar with your  camera settings in a much shorter space of time.

Edit Photos

Editing photos may seem like a bit of a cheat to beginner photographers. But the point isn’t to alter them beyond recognition or to turn them into something they’re not. Bear in mind that it’s very difficult to turn a bad picture into a good one simply through editing.

You still need to focus on getting the basics right when you have the camera in your hand. Editing your pictures will, however, take them to another level by enhancing what you’ve already taken.

Print Their Best Images

These days with digital photography, the vast majority of images taken never actually see the light of day. They get stored on a hard drive or saved to the cloud, and nothing more ever gets done with them.

Photos are supposed to be enjoyed, and an important step for every beginner photographer is to  recognize and appreciate the great shots that they take. One of the best ways to do this is to get them printed on canvas so you can either display them yourself or give them away as gifts.

Making your own custom canvas artwork is a simple process here at Artzee Designs. Just upload your images to the site, select what size you want and our team of designers will create a beautiful canvas artwork that will be shipped out to you within a matter of days.

Have a Stable Base

One measure of great photography is how sharp the subject appears in a given image. But  unwanted blur can sneak its way into images in numerous ways, potentially ruining what could be a great photo. Not holding the camera still enough is one of the simplest causes for blur.

Because of this, one of the best tips for beginner photographers is to use a tripod wherever possible. Not only will it help with composition by allowing you to set up the same shot while altering settings, it will guarantee you a rock solid base to do it from.

Consider Every Part of the Image

Many beginner photographers get so wrapped up with the subject of their pictures that they forget to check around for what’s in the background or foreground. Because of this the images may suffer from all manner of distractions that draw the viewer’s eye away from the subject.

Instead, before you pull the trigger, take a moment to check there’s nothing that appears odd or intrusive in  the composition. It could be the difference between a great shot and something unusable. 


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5 Important Things Most Beginner Photographers Fail to Do