21 Elementary School Projects We All Miss!

1. Wasting a black crayon to scrape it away to create fun art!

2. Creepy Crawlers!

3. Paper Mache Projects & Popping the Balloon.

4. Tracing Our Hands For Everything.

5. Using Paint and Folding The Paper to Create Something "Unique". 

6. Prepping For Easter with a Milk Jug. 

7. When A Piece of Paper Turned Into A Snowflake.

8. Paperbag Puppets!

9. Turning Paper Plates Into Fish. 

10. Counting Down To Anything Was SO Exciting!

11. Using Pipe Cleaners to Make Furry Friends...Remember the Eyes!?

12. Growing Plants in Plastic Bags and Comparing to Our Classmates. 

13. Cotton Balls Into Bunnies. 

14. Bedazzling All of Our Clothes!

15. Who Knew Spoons Could Make Great Puppets. 

16. Construction Paper into Works of Art...Really Just Strips of Paper. 

17. Cutting Construction Paper to Make Mosaic Pictures. 

18. Valentine's Day Mailboxes for Our Cards!

19. Using Personal Chalkboards to Draw.

20. Turning Tissue Paper Into Trees. 

21. Making Masks Out of Paper Plates!

Projects Wouldn't Be Complete Without...