12 Ways to Utilize The Wasted Space Under Your Stairs

That area underneath the stairs is often the most wasted bit of space in our homes. It’s an awkward shape, it’s often in an odd location, and we tend to think that there’s not much we can actually do with it. But that’s completely wrong!

With a little bit of creativity and an open mind, you can turn that space into something highly functional, awesome to look at, or even a totally magical spot. So start making the most of that valuable square footage with these 12 ways to utilize the wasted space under your stairs.

Functional Ideas

Hide the Washing Machine - Most washing machines are ugly, noisy eyesores that take up vital cupboard space in your kitchen. So stop ruining the aesthetics of your cookhouse, and put it somewhere that it won’t be seen.

Make a Pantry - All you need is a few shelves, some wire trolleys, or even an old bookshelf that fits the space and you’ve got the perfect pantry to store your dry goods.

Relocate the Shoes and Coats - Coats, and particularly shoes, inevitably end up in a messy pile in the hallway which we’re forever tripping over. Banish them to a dedicated cupboard instead.

Bike Rack - Finding somewhere convenient to store your bikes is often a challenge, but under the stairs could be the perfect spot. Installing some hooks and hanging them up will allow you to fit in multiple bikes.

Beautiful Concepts

Install a Custom Fit Bookcase - If you’re a book lover then it’s only right that you should have your collection on display. Create a custom library that fills the entire space for a beautiful effect.

Curate an Art Corner - An open space under the stairs is the ideal place for your own personal art gallery. Fill it with canvas home decor and create a focal point with a stunning art exhibition.

Construct a Wine Cellar - If you’re a grape genius or a vintage virtuoso then you might be in need of a space to store all of your special bottles. Divide it into sections and fill it with all your fine wines.

Build a Bar - A deep understairs space is ideal for housing a bar that will impress any guest to your house. Go all out with glasses, spirits and a miniature fridge and bring the party to your home.

Magical Inspirations

Create a Reading Nook - Love nothing better than kicking back and de-stressing with a good book? All you need is bench, a few cushions and a throw and you’ve got a luxurious reading nook.

Build a Play Den - With the right sized understairs space you can make an exciting den, big enough for the little people in your house to play in. No adults allowed!

Turn it Into a Dog’s Home - Just like us, dogs love a space to call their own. Build them a dedicated hideaway, and you can store their toys and accessories in there as well.

Make an Office - Rather than your home office taking up a whole room, fit it into the space under the stairs. All you need is a desk and a chair (and a few accessories) and you’re away.

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