10 Patio Wall Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space! There are so many ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces so we wanted to help you with some ideas to make sure it can withstand all weather. Home decor ideas such as outside canvas art can really help! We wanted to give you the best patio wall ideas for the perfect outdoor space today. 

  1. Restoring ideas that were trash: Sometimes going through rummage sales could be a great thing! You can take a look at "junk" and look to restore it. Imagine if you find old, large watering cans. You can spray paint them and hang them on the wall for a unique look that would make a large statement in your outdoor space. 
  2. Wall sconces with plants: Plants are such a great, waterproof way to bring life to your outdoor space. You can buy large sconces and create a wall of plants that will look like artwork in a museum. Not only is it beautiful, but it's waterproof since all rain will make your wall even more beautiful. 
  3. Wall mosaic art: What if you found old, colored tiles. You could create artwork on your walls by creating shapes and designs with tiles on your walls. A mosaic look could be such a unique piece or artwork, that can be bold, large and of course, waterproof. 
  4. Custom Signs: There are so many companies that can create custom signs for you wall. You could put your family's last name, the year you moved into the house or even a fun family quote. Custom signs can provide a unique, special feeling to your outdoor space as well as take up a lot of space and be large in size. 
  5. Big clocks or compasses: Clocks or compasses can make a bold statement on your patio wall! It can also provide information. Who doesn't want to know the time when they are outside relaxing and enjoying the day. Utility and decor all in one! 
  6. Nature as decor: Sometime nature as decor could be really fun. Having shelves on your walls and placing things like sea shells, acorns, vases with flowers can bring charm and uniqueness to your space. You could even think about bringing the same elements indoors to stick to a theme. Bringing the outdoors inside can create a cohesive look. Also, bringing outdoors inside can ensure that people notice that you thought about your outdoor decor as a part of your overall home and not just your patio space alone. Always think about bringing outdoors inside. 
  7. Bring the indoors out: On that same note, think about bringing the indoors outside. You can bring in things like blankets, pillows and other decor items that match the inside of your house outside. This can be a great way to pull together the comfort of the indoors with the rustic feel of the outdoors. Bringing the indoors out and bringing outdoors inside should always be thought about. 
  8. Bringing tropical vibes to your walls: Outdoor canvas art could be such a unique way to bring tropical vibes to your space. There are so many outdoor canvas wall art tropical collection ideas that you can find things like beach or ocean images. Outdoor canvas wall art tropical collection can also be waterproof and large so it will provide a fun beach feel without the mess of sand or water. Outdoor canvas art is easy, fun and affordable to also switch out regularly. Outdoor canvas wall art tropical collection ideas can be found here if you want to be inspired. Outdoor canvas art can be cheap and affordable. 
  9. Water walls: Another amazing element to bring to your wall is a water wall. You can have water always falling like waterfall on your wall. This is an idea you don't see often and can bring a certain uniqueness to your space. 
  10. Lighting: Always think about lighting! It can go beyond just lighting your space and be a centerpiece, Lighting can be an interesting item on the wall that also lights up. This element can manage all weather and that's important when it comes to your space. 

Whether you want to bring artwork to your walls or something bold like a clock or water wall, you can have so many options to make a statement on your patio. Remember, if you are bringing outdoors inside (or vice versa) try and remain consistent with your look, especially with outdoor canvas art. Finally, make sure whatever you do can manage all weather. There are many elements that can affect your patio so if it can withstand all weather, then you should be good to go. 

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