10 Hot Decor Trends for Summer 2018

10 Hot Decor Trends for Summer 2018

If you’re looking to give your home a seasonal makeover, check out these red hot decor trends that are taking over in summer 2018.

Outdoor Furniture Inside

As soon as the summer hits, our outdoor furniture inevitably begins to get dug out from its winter hibernating place and become centre stage in our gardens. But this year it’s also making its way indoors with designers taking inspiration from our green spaces. Rattan in particular is big this summer, and rattan furniture and accessories are being used seamlessly in living rooms.

Floral Textiles

It’s time to celebrate the summertime being in bloom with one of 2018s biggest summer tends, floral textiles. Cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, and virtually any other soft furnishing you can think of can now be found in floral prints. Not only will they make your home stunning but they’ll also make it look bang on trend.

Summer Themed Canvas Art

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, and affordable way to inject a bit of summer style into your home then switching up your artwork is something you should consider. Canvas art is the perfect way to do this and here at Artzee we’ve got an amazing range of beautiful summer prints that will perk up your walls in no time.

Textured Accessories

Textures like canvas, lightweight wools, silks, and cottons are popular among clothes lovers in the summer months thanks to them being light and breathable, helping keep you cool. These materials are also big options for home accessories this summer so get involved and add some to your spaces.

Tassels and Feathers

Add a bohemian touch to your rooms this summer by including some tassels and feathers in your home decor. They’re being included on everything from wall hangings to throws and cushions and turn even the most simple accessories into statement pieces.

Shades of Ice Cream

Ice cream is summer’s most refreshing treat so it makes sense that it’s also featuring in our home decor trends this year. Shades of pastel pink, baby blue, mint greens, and peaches are brightening up walls everywhere making them look good enough to eat.

The Watercolor Effect

While this is one of the most popular painting styles that’s been used for centuries, watercolors are no longer refined to canvases. This washed out paint effect is now featuring on everything from wallpaper to textiles and it’s en vogue this summer.

Statement Ceilings

We’ve all heard of statement walls and they’ve been a feature of many homes for a number of years now, but statement ceilings are the paint job that everyone is going for this summer. Choose your favorite shade and give your room’s lid a unique point of focus.

Bright Whites

White is bright, light, and reflective meaning that it’s the perfect shade for the summer to help bounce all of that sunshine around your house. Not only is white paint in this year, but “all white everything” is all the rage. Yes, that means accessories and furniture should all be white to match the walls.

Bare Windows

To really make the most of the sun this year, discard your drapes and go for completely nude windows. Opening up the glass will let in more light and drench your inside spaces with all of the light you crave.


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10 Hot Decor Trends for Summer 2018