7 Tips to Unlock Your Camera's Full Potential

Maybe you’ve just purchased a shiny new camera and you’re wondering where to start. Or perhaps you’ve had an expensive piece of kit for a while but just can’t seem to get the most out of it. Or alternatively you could have been shooting for a while with your camera but still feel a pang of disappointment every time you see the end results. Whatever it is, it’s likely that you’re not using it to its maximum capability and could still squeeze a bit more performance from it. Here are 7 tips to unlock your camera’s full potential.

Switch from Jpeg to RAW

In Jpeg mode your camera actually takes it upon itself to do some of the processing of the photo, and while that may sound fine, it takes away a lot of the control over what the final image looks like. Switching to capturing in RAW will give you full control at the editing stage, and editing is crucial to the overall look and feel of your pictures.

Get off Auto

Auto mode has its time and place, but in general you’re always going to be better at determining the setup of your camera than the camera itself. Switching over to manual mode puts you in full control of all of the camera’s controls giving you far greater power over every aspect of your image.

Learn the Sunny 16 Rule

This is all about figuring out the correct exposure levels to use for the light that you have at the time of taking a photo. The basic premise of it is that on a sunny day, your aperture settings should at f16, which should then give you an idea of when to adjust up or down depending on the available light.

Adjust as You Shoot

Newbie photographers often fall into the trap of getting their setting to how they imagine they should be, then shooting a series of photos using those same settings. It’s important to check your images as you go which will enable you to make small adjustments and tweaks to improve your pictures as you’re going.

Keep it Clean

A dirty lens or image sensor will ruin a whole day’s shooting, potentially without you ever realizing until you get to the editing stage. To make sure your camera is working to its full potential at all times, make it part of your shooting routine to keep its components clean and dust and dirt free.

Learn the Basics of Composure

While knowing how to use your camera technically is great, you still won’t be using it to its full potential if you’re not thinking about the composure of your images. Study the basics of composure to quickly and easily take your pictures to another level.

Read the Manual

Every camera manufacturer has its own quirks and controls that are unique to them, so even if you’ve owned a camera before it’s well worth having a thorough read of the manual. Though it will probably seem a bit dry, it’s advice coming straight from the manufacturer’s mouth and could give you some invaluable tips that you would otherwise never find out.

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