Meet Our Team

Bryan Ruiz


New York City dweller who wants to deliver amazing art to the world to enjoy! Experience in design and making amazing wall art. Thanks for visiting!

Our Story

Hi - Welcome to Artzee Designs!

Let’s face it, looking for custom canvas art to decorate your home or office can be quite the task. We also like things that are special, mean something to us or created for us. This is now why Artzee Designs exist. 

After being on the hunt for a specific piece of art for my own apartment and having no luck, I quickly realized I could design it and get the exact size, color and design scheme I was seeking for my blank wall. After hanging the art above my couch in my tiny studio apartment in New York City, I was so ecstatic so show it off! It was MY vision and only I had this piece of art. No one would ever have it, it was 100% mine (and a price that was way below what any store or art gallery would charge.)

I couldn’t keep this feeling to myself as I knew others would want to experience what I did so I decided to launch Artzee Designs in hopes that I could provide a unique service to those looking to decorate their own home or even someone else’s.

Thank you for visiting our site and looking around! We know you’ll be happy with your final product, so please let us know what you’re looking for and we can get started immediately.

Thanks again!
Bryan Ruiz, Founder