How to Give Your Home a Worldly Look

How to Give Your Home a Worldly Look

Interior design is one of the most inclusive forms of expression, which sees ideas being regularly borrowed, adopted and adapted from a huge variety of countries around the world. But many of us tend to play it safe by sticking to trends that are popular locally rather than looking further afield for inspiration. Maybe you’re well traveled, perhaps have dreams of visiting far flung countries overseas or it could be that you just want to inject a bohemian feel to your home. Whatever your reasons, now might be the perfect time for a decor overhaul. Here’s how to give your home a worldly look.

Introduce World Artefacts

Picking up traditional artefacts, attractive souvenirs and decorative ornaments on your travels is a brilliant way to introduce that worldly feel to your home. It will also serve to remind you of your great overseas adventures at the same time. Carved wooden figures, local artwork and colorful rugs and throws all make fantastic statement pieces in the home. But even if you’re not a seasoned globetrotter, you can still find plenty of interesting keepsakes with an eclectic feel to them to give your spaces that worldly feel.

Stunning Photography

Cityscapes, landscapes and even portraits of foreign lands can really bring an exotic feel to your interior decor. Our World Travel section has a wide range of canvas home decor pieces featuring images taken all over the world by our very own team of amazing photographers. But perhaps you’ve got your own snaps from your travels that would look great hung up on your walls. Head over to our site and create your own custom wall canvas by simply uploading your images.

Themed Spaces

Love the idea of a French boudoir, a Japanese inspired living room or Arabic dining room? Whatever your dream, realize it by going full out themed. Do your research, source some authentic feeling pieces of furniture and turn your chosen room into a fantasy area. Don’t be afraid of going OTT, the more you embrace it the better it will look - there’s nothing worse than a half baked theme so really commit to it.

Explosions of Color

The world is a vibrant, stimulating and often crazy place, and simply reflecting this in your color choices can bring a worldly feel to your home. Fantastic ways to inject an explosion of colour include statement walls painted in a bright, eye catching shade, through the use of striking furniture or vivid accessories.

Textures and Patterns

Traditional patterns that appear in the home vary from country to country all over the world and can be looked at as pieces of art in their own right. Persian silk rugs, African fabric wall hangings, Aztec inspired woven blankets can all be used to great effect to bring a sense of fun and vitality. Adding a variety of textures will also make a room more interesting, from natural wood to furs and leathers, mirroring their use in other countries.

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How To Give Your Home A World Look