Canvas Home Decor Gifts for 5 Common Personalities

Canvas Home Decor Gifts for 5 Common Personalities

Choosing gifts for friends and loved ones can often turn into a challenging and even stressful activity. We want to get them something that they will genuinely like and appreciate, something that brings a little bit of joy to their lives. But we agonize about the prospect of buying the wrong thing. We fret and worry that a poorly chosen gift will make them think that we don’t know them very well, or don’t care for them very deeply. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry you’re not alone. And we have the perfect solution.

They key to successful gift buying is to identify the recipient’s interests, and purchase something that suits them based on that. Canvas home decor makes the perfect choice for any occasion and our full range has a great selection to suit every personality imaginable. So to get you started with a bit of inspiration, here as 5 canvas home decor gifts for 5 common personalities.

The Sports Lover

Sports are big business in the U.S. and every weekend millions of people enjoy tuning in or turning up to the stadium to cheer on their favourite team. Youth and amateur sports are also hugely popular so it’s highly probable that at least one of your friends or family is an absolute sports nut. Surprise them with an awesome piece of sports themed canvas home decor - whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or soccer, we’ve got just the thing.

The World Traveler

We’ve all got that one person we know who is always arousing our envy by planning their next trip to some far flung destination. The one who has more stamps in their passport than we could dream of and whose instagram feed is full of pictures of them in exotic places. Our World Travel section has definitely got a piece of canvas art that will suit them down to the ground.

The Disney Princess

Maybe they’re totally obsessed with Frozen and constantly belting out “Let it Go” at every chance they get. Or perhaps they can’t get enough of playing dress up in Disney princess dresses and tiaras. And we’re not just talking about children here either. We’ve got a great range that any wannabe Disney Princess will fall head over heels for.

The Fashionista

For those who are always sporting the latest looks straight off the catwalk, spend most of their time and money on new threads and never leave their house without looking totally on fleek, check out our fashion and beauty section. We’ve got some cool canvases that they will fall in love with.

The Animal Lover

Short of getting them a new pet, animal lovers are some of the most difficult people to find great gifts for. People often end up buying gifts for their animals rather than for them, but a piece of canvas home decor is a great solution. Whether it’s exotic wild animals or domestic cats and dogs they’re obsessed with, we’ve got a beautiful piece in our Animals range that will brighten up their home.

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Artwork Gifts For Five Common Personalities