7 Great Gifts for Photography Lovers

7 Great Gifts for Photography Lovers

With the rapid advancement in camera technology, photography continues to become an increasingly more accessible hobby. You no longer have to shell out thousands of dollars for decent equipment, and in recent years the rise of excellent smartphone cameras, easy to use editing suites and apps like Instagram have again completely changed the game.

We all know a budding photographer or photography enthusiast, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what present to get them for a special occasion. But don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, help is at hand. Here are 7 great gifts for photography lovers.

Custom Canvas Art Gift Card

Great pictures deserve to be seen, and there’s no better way for a photography lover to display their work than with one of our pieces of custom canvas art. Why not purchase a gift certificate which will allow them to create an awesome custom wall canvas with one of their own photos?

Camera Strap

Many DSLR cameras come with a strap and a lens included, but they’re usually entry level straps that are neither the most comfortable or great looking. For the fashion conscious photographer, go for a real leather strap that will both look and feel great and be extremely durable as well.

Good Quality SD Memory Card

No digital photographer can ever have enough memory cards, running out of space to take the perfect shot is one of the biggest nightmares they could have. This means that they will always be a welcome gift, but not all memory cards are created equal. Make sure you get one that’s fast, reliable and has a good amount of memory.

A Polaroid Original

Polaroid is back! The unmistakable look and feel of Polaroid has been copied and recreated so many times and apps like Instagram certainly owe them a debt of gratitude, but nothing beats the real thing. Rebranded as Polaroid Originals, they’re instantly recognizable and are a great addition to any photographer’s kit bag.


A small, convenient alternative to a full sized tripod, these little guys can fit easily in a camera bag and can be attached to virtually anything with their bendy, wrap around legs. They’re the perfect way to get a steady shot without the necessity for a big bit of equipment.

Lens Cleaning Kit

Dirty lenses are the bane of every photographer’s life, and it’s vitally important that they use the right equipment to clean them. The wrong type of cloth, brush and even cleaning solution can be disastrous for the lenses causing scratches, corrosion and potentially irreversible damage. Lenses aren’t cheap, so help them look after them properly with a good quality lens cleaning kit.

Camera Lens Mug

These are a really fun gift for photography obsessives. Designed to look exactly like the real thing, but actually created to hold their favourite hot beverage. They’ll be the talk of the office when their colleagues notice them drinking from what looks like an actual camera lens.

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7 Great Gifts for Photography Lovers