7 Creative Things to do With Printed Photographs

7 Creative Things to do With Printed Photographs

The landscape of photography in the 21st century is completely different from the one that came before it. Our images seem to be confined largely to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or worse, digitally locked away on stacks of memory cards. Though analogue photography is making something of a comeback with the reinvention of Polaroid and a few photographers returning to the unique feel that celluloid brings, the whole world has ultimately gone digital.

But for those of us who are old enough to have stacks and stacks of printed photographs tucked away somewhere in the house, there’s often a question mark over what to actually do with them.

Custom Wall Canvas

Instead of keeping your precious photographs stored away in boxes turn them into something really special in seconds. Scan them in and send them our way, the team here at artzee will turn them into a wonderful personalized wall canvas. All you have to do is make sure they’re high quality scans, upload them and choose what you want the finished product to look like. Why not go for a love heart collage made up of your favourite images?

Build a Clock

Clock making sets can be picked up online for a few dollars making this a cheap and simple project to complete at home. All you need to do is stick your photographs onto something solid like a piece of plastic or wood to act as the face, drill a hole, and secure the mechanism. The size, shape and choice of photo or photos is entirely up to you so get creative.

Personalize a Deck of Cards

If you’re an avid card games fan, why not give personalizing your set a go using your very own photographs. It’s a simple process of cutting them down to size and glueing the cutout photographs to the back of the cards, but you’ll end up with a totally individual deck.

Decorate Your Journal

Journal writing is something which a surprising number of people still do whether it’s for therapeutic reasons or simply to keep a record of their lives and activities. So if you’re among the large number of diary writers, why not turn your journal into something stunning. Decorate it with photos that will make you smile every day when you get it out to write in it.

Get Your Decoupage On

Sadly decoupage is a fast dying art, but it’s an amazing way to transform furniture, accessories or anything else that a piece of paper will stick to into something amazing. It’s also a great way of making use of your old photos, and with a little glue and a dose of imagination you’ll have a stunning artwork to display.

Create Your Own Coasters

Pick up some old or cheap coasters from a thrift shop or a dollar store and remodel them as something beautiful and personal. Family portraits, landscapes, or just about any type of photograph can be stuck on to make your own set of distinctive mats.

Make Photo Bunting

This is a really inventive way to decorate for a loved one’s birthday or some other special occasion and takes barely any time. All you require is a length of ribbon, some clothes pegs and your photographs and you can create photo bunting. Hang up photographs of moments you’ve shared and watch them be wowed while reminiscing over the photos on display.

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7 Creative Things to do With Printed Photographs