6 Home Decor Trends That Have Bitten the Dust in 2017

6 Home Decor Trends That Have Bitten the Dust in 2017

When it comes to home decor, there can often be a fine line between and timeless and trendy. Things move fast in the interior design world and one day you’re bang on trend, the next you’re not. Design can be a fickle business and the latest trends can take some following at times. But to bring you up to speed here’s 6 home decor trends that have bitten the dust in 2017.

1. Too Much Brass

Brass handles, brass candlestick holders, brass lamp stands - we all went crazy to fill our homes with brass accessories last season. But unfortunately they are now fading from the home decor limelight. Don’t worry if you still love the look though, you can still be on trend by mixing in a few contrasting metals like copper and steel - just don’t go overboard with too many outdated brass designs.

2. Edison Bulbs

You can’t walk into a trendy bar or eatery without being greeted by these pretty but overused lighting designs. Not so long ago we all swapped out our regular bulbs for this latest popular home decor trend. But their widespread popularity has now meant they are no longer cool and are just plain old common. Try out some LED lighting or a fancy glass chandelier in 2017 instead.

3. Smooth Surfaced, All White Rooms

Gone is the obsession with the clinical interior design look, this year it’s all about creating an emotional connection with the spaces in your home. Both color and texture are back with a bang in 2017 and it’s all about bold color blocks and chunky stitches, pleats and folds. Rooms can be easily updated with some textured cushions and vibrant colored curtains or get your paintbrush out and create a bright coloured feature wall.

4. DIY design

Put away your glue gun and stop the mason jar mania because artisanal craft is the way forward in 2017. The quick and easy DIY approach to home decor seems to have had its hey day and the classy and considered vibe is in. From unique hand cast vases to elaborate lighting designs, each piece should tell a story about its origin and your personal style. Think quality over quantity going forward.

5. Light Colors

Blonde furniture is out and dark furniture is in. Pastel colored walls and soft shaded fabrics are fast being replaced by navy blue and dark greens staples. For a quick fix try redistributing your light colored home furnishings throughout the rest of your home. Or go all out and treat yourself to that new chocolate brown dining room table and matching dresser you’ve had your eye on.

6. Chunky Furniture

As space becomes ever more of a premium than yesterday, oversized armchairs and large side tables are no longer flavor of the moment. When you are purchasing new home furnishings this season go for a more minimalist approach with fold way appliances and multi-use furniture pieces. Rather than splashing out on that space sucking four poster bed, nab yourself a hideaway integrated wall bed system instead.

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6 Home Decor Trends That Have Bitten the Dust in 2017