6 Cartoon Characters That Will Look Great on Your Kid's Wall

6 Cartoon Characters That Will Look Great on Your Kid's Wall

Cartoons play a huge part in our children’s childhoods, as they did in many of ours growing up. You probably have memories of not only watching the cartoons that you loved growing up on repeat, but being totally obsessed with having anything you could get your hands on that was related to them as well. Everything from toys and backpacks to lunchboxes and shoes come with cartoons on now. But there’s no better way to put a smile on your kid’s face than to theme their bedroom around their favourite characters.

Murals, stickers and decals can be time consuming and costly, not to mention a real pain to decorate over when they eventually outgrow their obsession. And really there’s no need to go to all that effort because our range of awesome cartoon canvas home decor provides the perfect solution. Here are 6 cartoon characters that will look great on your kid’s wall.


One of the reasons that toddlers absolutely love Elmo is because at three years old he’s a toddler himself. This red baby monster has long been a Sesame Street favourite and even has his own segment on the show, Elmo’s World. Younger kids will go wild for our Elmo inspired print.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, or Pooh bear as he’s also affectionately known is probably the most recognizable bear on the planet. Along with his friends Tigger and Piglet he goes on some rip roaring adventures that your kids will love imagining themselves being part of. Feed their imagination with our Winnie the Pooh inspired canvas art.

Abby Cadabby

One of the most recent additions to Sesame Street, Abby teaches children about diversity as she looks different to the rest of the characters and can speak another language. She also finds simple things like letters and words fascinating, and if you hear your kids saying "That's so magical!", this is probably where they’ve got it from! Check out our magical Abby Cadabby canvas print.

Olaf From Frozen

First seen in Frozen as Elsa’s snowman sidekick, Olaf proved so popular he’s got his very own Disney short film spin off. Innocent, funny and loveable, and with a strange fascination for all things hot, it’s little wonder that kids love this little snowman. Take a look at our Olaf Canvas art which will brighten up even the coldest of rooms.

Donald Duck

With his funny voice and whacky personality, Donald Duck has been loved by children for many generations having first been created in the 1930s. He’s so popular that fans even have their own name for the people who follow him, “Donaldism”. If your child is one of them, treat them to a cool Donald Duck canvas.

Peter Pan

The boy who never grows up, Peter Pan and his enchanted world of Neverland has fascinated children for decades. His great adventures have them wishing they could fly and play and be carefree forever. If you have a kid who’s a Peter Pan obsessive then take a peek at our beautiful Peter Pan canvas.

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6 Cartoon Characters That Will Look Great on Your Kid's Wall