5 Ways to Introduce Cobalt Blue Into Your Home

5 Ways to Introduce Cobalt Blue Into Your Home

For many people, cobalt blue might seem like too bold and daring an option for their home, but when it’s used correctly it can inject a real sense of life and vibrancy. Too much cobalt blue can certainly be overpowering, so it’s important not to overload your spaces with an abundance of it. Though it’s not for the feint hearted, it’s the perfect shade to give your room a zingy accent and lift it from drab to debonaire.

Get Some Glassware & Porcelain on Display

Cobalt blue has been used in the coloration of glassware and porcelain for hundreds of years, and in all that time it’s maintained a loyal and devoted following and it’s muched loved for its gem like appearance. For a classic piece of cobalt glassware or porcelain the prices can be eye watering, but rather than go for an antique collection you can pick up modern pieces at very reasonable prices. Why not go for a selection of display glasses, vases or bowls that can be set on a mantelpiece, windowsill or dresser? Even a small collection of cobalt wine glasses artfully presented can make a winning display.

Paint a Feature Wall

Cobalt blue is often too overwhelming to use to decorate an entire room, but a great choice for a eye catching feature wall. Choose the wall that’s naturally the focal point of the space you’re using it in and go for a chalky, matt shade of cobalt to make it really stand out. The great thing about cobalt is that it naturally pairs with more muted colors such as pastel peaches, light pinks and even soft greens. It’s equally at home contrasted against plain white or magnolia if you’re afraid of introducing too many colors.

A Single Piece of Furniture

statement piece of furniture is a wonderful way to infuse a little bit of zest into your home, no matter what room in the house you’re updating. Whether it’s an armchair for the living room, a lampshade for the study or a dresser for your hallway, cobalt blue will instantly bring it to life. If you’re a DIY enthusiast you could even update an existing piece of wooden furniture by painting it in a waxy shade of cobalt. Just one piece of furniture is enough to give a bland space an effervescent injection but means there’s no chance of it being oppressive.

Hang Some Canvas Home Decor

Cobalt is often used in artwork to depict clear blue skies or twinkling waterscapes. Create your very own piece of custom canvas art featuring shades of cobalt, choose your favourite work by an artist to have turned into a personalized wall canvas or simply choose from one of our fantastic range of canvas home decor featuring blue.

Use Accessories & Soft Furnishings

Another great way to introduce cobalt blue into your home is to use accessories and soft furnishings. Think rugs, cushions, curtains and throws that you can easily insert into any room. Again, be sure to use restraint, but feel free to mix and match a number of different accessories to keep that accent running through the room.

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5 Ways to Introduce Cobalt Blue Into Your Home