2017s Tropical Photography Trend

2017s Tropical Photography Trend

Tropical is the latest buzzword to be making waves across many of the creative industries in 2017. It’s been on the rise for a number of years since Justin Bieber’s widespread popularization of the Tropical House music genre, through to its emergence as the latest fashion movement to sweep the high streets and becoming a key trend in interior design. And this year it’s rearing its head absolutely everywhere, particularly as we come into the height of the summer months. As it continues its unstoppable ascent, it’s little wonder that photography is the latest artform to be swept up in at as well. Here’s how the tropical photography trend is making it big in 2017.

Palm Trees and Ferns

Palm trees and Ferns are most commonly found in tropical locations so it’s no wonder they’re being featured heavily in this year’s, ahem, hottest photography trend. Whether they’re being used as the subject or an accessory they’ve become a pretty ubiquitous tool for lending fashion photography a tropical vibe. Look out for entire campaigns based around models holding giant green leaves, being partially obscured by fake jungle scenery or standing in front of rows of palm trees.

Brightly Colored Backgrounds

The palm leaves and jungle scenery is often being paired with brightly colored backgrounds that provide a stark contrast to the natural greens on display. Hot pinks, fluorescent yellows and baby blues are a perfect and almost surreal antidote to the organic shades and provide the ideal counterfoil. These bright backgrounds help conjure up thoughts of far flung, sun drenched vacation destinations and help create the ultimate feel good images, to put you in the mood for a cocktail on the beach or lazy days in the hammock by the pool.

Exotic Locations

As well as recreating the tropical look in the studio, many photographers are opting to go out and capture the real thing. Watch out for an upturn in shoots taking place in exotic locations on beaches and tropical rainforests the world over. This is also trending in landscape photography with remote islands, deserted beaches and golden sunsets featuring heavily on feeds this year. The Caribbean, South America and Asia are top spots being featured in 2017’s latest trend.

How to Incorporate a Bit of Tropical In Your Home

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate a bit of tropical in your home decor, then don’t worry - tropical photography is not just for magazine editorials and fashions shoots. It’s the perfect decorative tool to brighten up any dull space and have you dreaming of sunnier climes at the same time. Beach scenes, coastlines, mountain ranges and tropical animals will be a welcome addition to a room lacking in that x factor. Check out our extensive Tropical Section to find a beautiful piece of canvas home decor that will look great in any room of your home. 

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